Part Time Covenant Pastor

August 22, 2022

Presbyterian Church of Burlington, NJ

The Presbyterian Church of Burlington is a small congregation that faithfully serves those in our community through our ministries: Acts of Compassion, Daily Bread Food Pantry, Community Garden, Weekly balance classes for Seniors, VBS, supporting Youth Group, Boy Scout Troop 764 and Sisters of Sobriety. We are a family committed to loving and serving God.

We are looking for a part time pastor to focus primarily on preaching, sacraments and the well-being of the congregation. A pastor who can guide us in our spiritual growth and lead us as a church unit, while our Session handles the inner workings and daily business of the church.

The part time pastor will fulfill the following specific responsibilities:

  • Oversee the weekly worship experience, focusing principally on sermon
  • Administer communion once a
  • Additional services are required during Lent and Advent
  • Moderate all Session and Congregational
  • Be available in the office one day per
  • Provide pastoral care for the congregation, including visits to shut-ins at home, in the hospital or in extended care facility.
  • Attend fellowship
  • Officiate at funeral services and weddings as needed, at additional
  • Maintain good working relations with
  • Be supportive of Session, Deacons, UPW, Youth Group and other
  • Remain accountable to the Session and the Presbytery through the COM. In support of our pastor, it is the promise of the congregation, leadership and staff to
  • Pray for and support the pastor in his/her ministry
  • Actively work to grow the congregation and participate in activities
  • Participate in the leadership and administration of the church
  • Actively engage in implementing new ideas and programs
  • Support one another in our faith journey and in our roles in the church

The position will initially be for one year, serving approximately 22 hours per week, with a 30- day release clause and can be extended by mutual agreement.

Salary of $27,164.00  Manse available if needed Pension/Medical in accordance With Presbytery guidelines Continuing Education $750.00. Auto reimbursement $3,000.00 Vacation: 1 month (4 or 5 Sundays)

Interested candidates are asked to send their resume and references to:

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