Presbytery Committee, Commissions & Group Information

Administration Committee/Trustees - Chair: Ruling Elder Rebecca Brown

The Administration Committee oversees human resources, finance, insurance, and property matters of the Presbytery.  The committee provides for the support and accountability of paid personnel of the presbytery, assists churches to meet personnel responsibilities related to employment; creates the budget, and reports regularly on the financial status of the presbytery.  The Administration Committee also serves as the Trustees of the Presbytery.

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Leader Team - Moderator: Rev. Sarah Kneier

A primary role of the Leader Team is to embody the Guiding Principles of the presbytery and to mirror the rhythms of the presbytery whenever it gathers. The Leader Team shall dwell in Word and Image together, deepen community, ground relationships and leadership in prayer and worship, work and play with creativity and accountability, and exercise the disciplines of a committed learning community. The Presbytery Leader Team is responsible to lead the presbytery in vision, strategy, administration, and evaluation of the Presbytery’s mission priorities. It shall stimulate innovation, plan Presbytery gatherings, and oversee infrastructure, infrastructure committees, and communication.

Clerk of Session Support Team - Stated Clerk, Rev. Dr. Michael Wilson

The Clerk of Session Support Team assists clerks of session in the performance of their duties, in particular maintaining manuals and keeping minutes. The team provides for the annual review of session minutes and may provide other opportunities for clerks of session to participate in a learning community.

Discerning Gifts & Passions (Nominating Committee)

The Discerning Gifts and Passions Committee nominates for election by the Presbytery individuals to serve on the “infrastructure committees” of the Presbytery. DGP matches the capability, passion and willingness to serve Christ’s ministry with appropriate committees and commissions of the Presbytery and available assignments to higher councils of the PC(USA). DGP also connects people with passions to the task groups, teams and bubbles that engage the mission of the Presbytery, and which do not require an election. Discerning Gifts and Passions is responsible to ensure that careful attention is given to fair ethnic and gender representation on committees and commissions, as well as the balance between teaching and ruling elders. (G-3.0103) Discerning Gifts and Passions also is responsible to oversee the process by which the Presbytery elects commissioners to the Synod of the Trinity and the General Assembly of the PC(USA). (G-3.0302a). The Discerning Gifts and Passions Committee is also elected as the Committee on Representation.

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General Assembly Overtures and Amendments Team - Stated Clerk, Rev. Dr. Michael Wilson

The GA Overtures Team leads the Presbytery as a learning community in responding to overtures from the General Assembly. The Team develops a process in consultation with the Leader Team to present overtures from the General Assembly to the presbytery, and to provide for learning community experiences as needed.

Examination Commission - Chair: Ruling Elder Ken Hickman

The Examination Commission examines on behalf of the Presbytery those teaching elders seeking membership in the Presbytery of Donegal, and, when necessary, examines for ordination to the ministry of teaching elder (minister of Word and Sacrament).

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New Worshiping Communities Commission (Currently on Hiatus)

The New Worshiping Communities Commission inspires, validates, and oversees new worshiping communities in the Presbytery of Donegal. The NWCC oversees the 1001 Grant Process of the Presbyterian Mission Agency and any other grants that involve presbytery partnership. It coordinates with EOM for any appropriate EOM or presbytery NWC grants. It oversees the process when an existing congregation seeks to be re-chartered as a new worshiping community. It oversees non-English speaking and immigrant fellowships/congregations.

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Permanent Judicial Commission - Moderator: Ruling Elder Amanda Snoke Dubbs

The Permanent Judicial Commission is responsible for hearings and trials pertaining to judicial matters in the bounds of the Presbytery of Donegal (D-2.0102), appeals from sessions in Donegal Presbytery (F-3.0206) and also judicial matters referred from other councils (D-4.0101). It is responsible for remedial and disciplinary matters. (D-2.0200)

Racial Justice Task Group - Co-Chairs Ruling Elder Diane Matthews and Rev. Dr. Steve Lytch

Statement of Purpose for Racial Justice Task Force: At the beginning of this year, as a result of the growing recognition of the need for the church to address Racial Justice, the Donegal Presbytery initiated a task group. The group has met a number of times over the last few months. In the midst of what has been happening on the national scene, our goal is to take steps that will move us as a unified church and God’s people in a positive, forward direction. We pray that the outcome of the Chauvin trial means that, as a country, we have turned a corner and lit a spark from which we can progress with equity and love for all of our neighbors.

Self-Development of People Committee

Self-Development of People is a ministry that affirms God’s concern for humankind.  We are Presbyterians and ecumenical partners dissatisfied with poverty and oppression, united in faith and action through sharing, confronting, and enabling by participating in the empowerment of economically poor, oppressed, and disadvantaged people, seeking to change the structures that perpetuate poverty, oppression and injustice.