June 09, 2022

First Presbyterian Church, Strasburg, PA

This position assumes a commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and one who works towards furthering the gospel.

This is a 15-20 hour a week part-time, salaried position.

Contact Pastor Bob Bronkema    for more information or if interested in the position

QUALIFICATIONS: The organist/choirmaster shall be skilled in the leadership of all phases of traditional church choral music. The organist/choirmaster shall be a team player. The organist/choirmaster shall be highly skilled on the organ and piano with some improvisational abilities. Strong choral accompanying skills are also required.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The organist/choirmaster reports to, and is accountable to the pastor for all aspects of this position description. He/she may be called upon by the chair of the worship committee to accomplish various tasks and/or to serve as a resource to the committee in matters relating to the job description.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The organist/choirmaster shall work with the pastor to provide a music program that will support and nurture the life of the congregation in its life under Christ. Such a program shall include traditional Christian based music. In providing such a program, the organist/choirmaster shall:

  1. Direct or oversee the direction of all church choirs. The organist/choirmaster shall personally direct the chancel choir. Any regular use of volunteer directors shall be with the approval of the pastor and worship committee.
  2. Select or oversee the selection of all choir music. The organist/choirmaster shall provide all aspects of service music (hymn accompaniment, prelude, offertory, postlude, rehearsal with choir) for one Sunday morning worship service, as well as any other worship services as designated by the worship committee or pastor.
  3. Plan and direct weekly choir rehearsals and schedule regular worship participation for all choirs.
  4. Submit to the church office in a timely manner information about music for the coming Sunday, plus any other pertinent information to be included in the worship bulletin.
  5. Plan and provide for choir, solo, instrumental and/or other special music for all special services approved by the session of The First Presbyterian Church. Such services include but are not limited to: Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday, mid-week Lenten services and other community worship services held at The First Presbyterian Church of Strasburg.
  6. Attend weekly staff meetings and uphold the staff and church in prayer and encouragement.
  7. Attend scheduled worship committee meetings.
  8. Undertake periodic efforts to invite congregation members to participate in the music program. Such efforts may be coordinated with the work of the outreach committee, in order to solicit involvement by newer members,
  9. Maintain and/or oversee the maintenance of the choral music library.
  10. Keep accurate records of all music utilized (dates used, occasion, etc.)
  11. Schedule proper maintenance of the church pianos and organ, in consultation with the worship committee.
  12. The organist/choirmaster shall normally be the musician of first resort in the case of weddings or funerals at this church. In the case where parties shall request an alternate musician, the organist/choirmaster’s permission must be obtained in advance. In the event of such permission, the organist/choirmaster is responsible for seeing that the alternate musician displays the necessary competency on the church organ.

ANNUAL REVIEW: The pastor of The First Presbyterian Church, in consultation with the personnel committee and worship committee, shall conduct an annual review of the performance of the organist/ choirmaster.

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