Presbytery Gatherings

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

at Highland Presbyterian Church, Lancaster PA

a Hybrid In-Person and Online Zoom Gathering


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Gathering Information for in Person Meetings

Host Accessibility

Wheelchair Accessibility - YES

Hearing Enhancement - YES

WiFi Access - YES


Special Dietary Meals - YES upon advance request

Vegetarian & Gluten Free Options Available

Please note: Every effort will be made to accommodate special dietary requests. If you have specialized dietary needs, it is always wise to make you own provision.

Childcare Available for in person meetings - YES

The Presbytery has a commitment to offer childcare at meetings for infants through pre-K when this can be provided safely. Please call the Presbytery office at 717-392-4035 at least 1 week in advance if childcare is needed.  Please click here for child food policy and other childcare information.  


Voting Commissioners for all Meetings:

All sessions are permitted to elect at least 1 Ruling Elder Commissioner.  Churches with memberships over 100 will be represented as follows: 100-299 - 2 Ruling Elders; 300-499 - 3 Ruling Elders; 500-999 - 4 Ruling Elders; 1000-1499 - 5 Ruling Elders & Above 1500 - 6 Ruling Elders.  All other Ruling Elders or members are invited to attend the Presbytery Meeting as guests.

New Commissioner Welcome to Presbytery


Presbytery Gatherings -2021

  • Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Presbytery Gathering Procedures and Forms