Overtures, Amendments & Review

Forms for Session Minutes Review:

  • Minute Review Letter

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OAR Committee Description

  • OAR shall present to the Presbytery the pros and cons of all Amendments sent down by the General Assembly.

  • OAR may present to the Presbytery the pros and cons of any Overtures sent by other Governing Bodies for concurrence.

  • OAR shall work with the Leadership Team of Council to design educational presentations and experiences to engage the Presbytery in learning and conversations regarding amendments and overtures. This might include invitations to persons outside of the Presbytery to make presentations at Presbytery meetings.

  • Any member of the Presbytery or a session may consult with this Committee in the drafting of an Overture to be presented to Presbytery for consideration and action.

  • OAR shall be responsible for annual Session Records Review (G-3.0108 & G.-3.0108a.), and review and maintenance of the standards for recording Session records. (see Policies and Procedures, Standards for Recording Session Minutes)