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History: Presbytery of Donegal

 History: Presbytery of Donegal

    Jan 15, 2017

    Presenter: Synod of the Trinity

    Subject: Presbytery of Donegal

    History: Presbytery of Donegal – Boundary (and spelling) changes didn’t deter this presbytery

    By Bill Netting & Nathalie Clugston

    With permission granted by the Synod of Philadelphia, the first meeting of the Presbytery of Donegal was held in the Donegal (church) Meeting House in Lancaster County on Oct. 11, 1732. At that time, Donegal was spelled “Dunagall.” (Later it was spelled “Donnegal,” “Donnegall” and finally “Donegal.”) A minister then was frequently referred to as “Mister” and often only by his last name. For at least its first 50 years, the business of the presbytery was largely devoted to the “appointment of ministers, rigorous examination of candidates and the hearing and acting upon complaints.”...

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