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Churches seek to become sources of hope

Churches seek to become sources of hope

    Feb 24, 2019

    Subject: Donegal Church News

    At first, it is hard to believe that drugs have come to rural America, especially when rural America has long been depicted as a picturesque refuge from the scourges of city living. Take, for instance, Korengel’s church. Located in Pennsylvania’s southern Chester County, Unionville Presbyterian seems deceptively “wholesome,” sandwiched between open fields where horses graze peacefully. And yet that pastoral setting is marred by troubling statistics. In 2017, there were 141 accidental drug overdoses in Chester County. “We all want to think the opioid crisis is in the cities, but it is here. We can’t pretend anymore,” Korengel said.

    Churches seek to become sources of hope

    By Donna Frischknecht Jackson | Presbyterians Today

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