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Standard Ordination Examination Information

In order to be certified as ready for ministry, inquirers and candidates are expected to pass five Standard Ordination Examinations. 

Bible Content Exam

The Bible Content Examination is ordinarily taken early in the seminary process, generally during either the first or the second year of theological education, or their equivalents (G-14.0310). It is offered twice a year. Persons taking the Bible Content exam need not be under the care of a presbytery, and no certification from the CPM is required.

Senior Ordination Exams

The other four Senior Ordination Exams are designed for inquirers and candidates who have completed the equivalent of two full-time years of theological education. The purpose of these exams is to assist the CPM and presbytery in assessing readiness for ministry in both academic preparation and the ability to use one’s knowledge and experience effectively in practical ministry settings. The tests are designed to determine how well an inquirer/candidate understands and can function within the framework of Reformed Theology. Candidates are expected to demonstrate working knowledge of the Book of Confession and the Book of Order.

The CPM must give written authorization for inquirers/candidates to take these examinations. These 4 these exams will be offered quarterly each year. Inquirers/ candidates must pay attention to the registration deadline, which is usually four weeks before the examination. Ordinarily, all four examinations are taken at once. Inquirers/Candidates who are taking these exams for the first time must have written permission from the CPM to write fewer than four exams.