Committees & Groups

Administration Committee/Trustees

The Administration Committee consists of three Divisions: Human Resources, Finance, and Camp Oversight which provide for the support and accountability of paid personnel of the presbytery, assists churches to meet personnel responsibilities related to employment; creates the budget and reports regularly on the financial status of the presbytery.  The Administration Committee also serves as the Trustees of the Presbytery.

Chair: Ruling Elder Doug Good


Leader Team

Has only executive, corporate, administrative and promotional duties, and shall not initiate action which has not previously been authorized by the Presbytery, nor consider judicial matters. It shall consider all matters not clearly falling within the province of the Committees and Areas.

Moderator - Rev. Sarah Kneier


Discerning Gifts & Passions (Nominating Committee)

Discerning Gifts & Passions (formerly called the Nominating Committee) nominates persons to fill all vacancies on committees, councils, board and other bodies that require election by the presbytery or synod, except itself and Committee on Representation.

Chair: Ruling Elder Rebecca Brown


Examination Commission

The Examination Commission examines on behalf of the Presbytery those teaching elders seeking membership in the Presbytery of Donegal, and, when necessary, examines for ordination to the ministry of teaching elder (minister of Word and Sacrament).


New Worshiping Communities Commission

NWC Commission Job Description


Permanent Judicial Commission

The Permanent Judicial Commission is the ecclesiastical court given the authority to carry out the principles of church discipline within the Presbytery.

Moderator: Elder Amanda Snoke Dubbs


Racial Justice Task Group

Statement of Purpose for Racial Justice Task Group

Statement on Racial Justice from Leaders of the Presbytery of Donegal


Self-Development of People Committee

The Self Development of People Committee helps people to take responsibility for their own lives and to empower the poor; implements a form of mission that encourages self-reliance and promotes the growth of the whole person. The primary role and responsibility is the distribution of special offering funds received as SDOP portion of the One Great Hour of Sharing offering.