Discerning Gifts & Passions (Nominating Committee)

The Discerning Gifts and Passions Committee nominates for election by the Presbytery individuals to serve on the “infrastructure committees” of the Presbytery. DGP matches the capability, passion and willingness to serve Christ’s ministry with appropriate committees and commissions of the Presbytery and available assignments to higher councils of the PC(USA). DGP also connects people with passions to the task groups, teams and bubbles that engage the mission of the Presbytery, and which do not require an election. Discerning Gifts and Passions is responsible to ensure that careful attention is given to fair ethnic and gender representation on committees and commissions, as well as the balance between teaching and ruling elders. (G-3.0103) Discerning Gifts and Passions also is responsible to oversee the process by which the Presbytery elects commissioners to the Synod of the Trinity and the General Assembly of the PC(USA). (G-3.0302a). The Discerning Gifts and Passions Committee is also elected as the Committee on Representation.