Union Presbyterian Church

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Address5637 Street Road
Kirkwood, PA 17536 Get Directions

Church Info

Union Presbyterian Church is a work in progress. Back in 1816 the Spirit of God was stirring the hearts of this rural community through the preaching of the gospel. A group of people was stirred by the Spirit at a crossroads community called Union. That work has grown into what you will see and experience at Union should you visit us today.

We are located in the midst of gently rolling hills in the countryside of southern Lancaster County. Our church structure is a large brick building with the historical lines of a house of worship. On Sunday morning the bell in the church tower tolls an invitation to the community to come worship with us.

A recent building addition has allowed us to more completely carry on with our task, which is outlined in God's Great Commission. That task is; to reach the lost and to make disciples; to love each other and to show God's love to our neighbors; to comfort the widows and to welcome the little children. Our Christian education program seeks to embrace that commission.