St. John's Presbyterian Church

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Address217 Berkley Road
Devon, PA 19333 Get Directions

Church Info

Welcome to our beloved St. John's, an embracing spiritual fellowship of thoughtful Christians and seekers in Devon, Pennsylvania. We've been described as an oasis on the Philadelphia Main Line, where people find refreshment of spirit, a safe and engaging place for their families and faith journey, in a setting that looks like an endearing country church in the suburbs. For my own part, I tell folks that the church looks on the outside the way it feels on the inside—and that really seems to resonate. We have three inseparable passions that characterize who we are and what we seek to be as a church family—a family church: loving toward God, loving toward neighbor, loving toward ourselves. We encourage you to discover us, as we hope to discover you and your household's needs.

Our mission is to glorify God by knowing, loving and serving Jesus Christ for life. We are a welcoming church family where all are invited for fellowship, service to others and spiritual enrichment of the individual, family and community.