Slateville Presbyterian Church

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Address308 Slateville Road
Delta, PA 17314-0657 Get Directions

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Building upon the traditions of many generations, as together we serve Jesus Christ, from the top of the hill, to the fields, valleys, towns, cities, and throughout the land.

Daring to Create...a vision of the identity we must posses to effective in Christ's service in the future.

Daring to Risk...moving out of our "comfort zone" and doing things differently, if we believe doing so will fulfill God's purpose for our ministry.

Daring to walk boldly in Faith...knowing that no challenges, no problems, no obstacles are too large for those empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Daring to be the church Christ has called us to be as His body in the world

Daring to the transforming power in the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Daring to challenge...ourselves to ask the "Big Questions" that face the church today.

Daring to claim...our calling to be a community of believers committed to the service of our Lord.