Pine Grove Presbyterian Church

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Address4263 Delta Road
Airville, PA 17302-9236 Get Directions

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You are not alone! You never have been! God has always been there for you even when you thought you were a small boat sailing a storm. Come, worship with our family where all are welcome. There's no need to sail life's rough seas in a skiff when you could be on a ship with loving friends.

A church is just a building. With a community singing and praying together which summons a more direct communion with the Holy Spirit, that building houses LOVE - God's finest work.

Helping hands and loving hearts are what makes God's church the Rock, upon which, long-standing foundations are built. Expand your foundations. Make new friends and enjoy our fellowship - no strings attached. Christian Love is free, our gift from the Maker.

You need never feel alone again! Come visit and find out!