Nottingham Presbyterian Church

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Address497 West Christine Road
Nottingham, PA 19362-9760 Get Directions

Church Info

The people of Nottingham Presbyterian Church are Christ-centered, friendly and faithful followers of Jesus who are called to surrender our individual desires to do God’s will. We are led by God to be a light in this world by evangelizing as we live, work and worship.

Foundational Values:

Christ Centered: focused on what would Christ do; grace filled life, not one that works harder and harder; always coming back to foundation.

Friendly: love thy neighbor/enemy; entertain strangers.

Biblical: base decisions on the Word of God; continue learning/studying the Word; be obedient to the Word; treat others based on Jesus' character as told by the Word; commune as one in mind, body, and spirit; whatever we do we do it in accordance with God's Word.

Faithful: we believe in God's control.

Dependent on God: anything we accomplish is because of our dependence on God and we give him praise and thanksgiving; we believe in God even when things don't work the way we thought; God is still working through our failures.

Nurturing: work together to help the weak as needed; coming along side; "mothering"; compassionate; giving people tools to develop a personal relationship with God so they can take ownership of their own faith and become dependent on God; empowering without expectations; slow and steady.